Democracy or death !

Through this reportage, I wanted to describe in pictures the major stages which have led Burkina Faso on the road to democracy and which have elevated it to the status of an example for Africa. From the popular uprising of 30 and 31 October 2014 … Continue readingDemocracy or death !

2 days [with MSF]

In Niger, in Magaria, in the Zinder region, MSF has been working since 2005 to support the Ministry of Public Health in a recovery and intensive nutritional education center (CRENI) at Magaria hospital and in treatment centers. outpatient burden of malnutrition as close as possible … Continue reading2 days [with MSF]


FESTIMA 2016 (International Festival of Masks and the Arts) celebrated its 20th anniversary with its 13th edition. This biennial festival (even years) is the flagship event of the Association for the Safeguarding of Masks – ASAMA. This event is a recognized cultural product in terms … Continue readingFESTIMA 2016