Handicap International | Burkina Faso

Text taken from Handicap International website

Although efforts are being made in Burkina Faso, people with disabilities are often marginalized from society from childhood. They do not have access to education or vocational training, two areas in which Handicap International invests in order to improve their living conditions.

The association promotes and promotes initiatives aimed at ensuring that their fundamental rights are respected: to be treated, to work, to go to school … Thus, with its schooling project, Handicap International facilitates access to school benches. primary for disabled children. To make this project sustainable, the association trains and educates those involved in disability and inclusive education

Since 2016, the association has been carrying out a project to prevent the risks of developmental delays and disabling sequelae in young children who have suffered from malnutrition, thanks to physiotherapy and psycho-emotional stimulation (encouragement of interactions between parents and children). children, stimulation through play, etc.). The project plans to help 11,500 Burkinabè children over the next two years.